Join The English Language Learning Community Here At LARA!


Whether you’re looking to learn English for the first time, or you want to improve your English skills, we at LARA offer English Language Learning (ELL) classes at the Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced levels.

Our ELL classes will help you develop and practice English skills such as:
    – Speaking, Pronunciation, Listening, and Conversation 
    – Reading, Writing, and Vocabulary
    – Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation, and Comprehension

Classes include students from various countries with diverse backgrounds, and so you will also learn about:
    – Different Cultures
    – Native Country Traditions & Customs
    – Civics Lessons

The ELL teachers at LARA will guide you through lessons that encourage you to interact and work with your peers, or work on assignments independently. Free tutoring is also available for additional help.

Steps To Develop Your English Skills At LARA

Step 1: Schedule An Appointment

Fill out the request form and a staff member from LARA will contact you to set an appointment.

Step 2: Start Orientation Process

An advisor at LARA will meet with you and other students in a small group, to explain what services, resources, and support is offered here to help you enhance your English skills. You will be guided through the policies, procedures, and expectations at LARA during this orientation process.

Step 3: Take A Pre-Test

You will take a test known as the TABE CLAS-E which assesses your current English skills in Reading, Listening, Writing, and Speaking. Your test results from this exam inform advisors, teachers, and you about your current skill level, and which class level to place you in.

Step 4: Finish Orientation Process

You will meet with your advisor who will walk you through the remaining steps of the orientation process and get you enrolled into your class. Your schedule and time commitment will be discussed, you will find out where your class is, and who your teacher is.

Step 5: Attend Class

You will meet your teacher and get to know your fellow classmates. Class time is where you get to learn and develop your English Language skills. 

Step 6: Take a Post-Test

Depending on which class level you are in (Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced), you will take the TABE CLAS-E Test every 30-50 hours of attending class. This is for tracking the progress made in your English skills and to identify areas that need improvement. Your post-test scores may also give you the opportunity to advance to a higher-level class.

Step 7: Exit Interview

Speak with your teacher or your advisor about your experiences at LARA, how LARA has helped you, and what your plans are moving forward from LARA.