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Career Trainings

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LARA is currently offering a variety of career trainings to fit your needs. Please click here for information on each training.

Career trainings are offered to allow adults in the community to pursue training and certifications in trade jobs, professional development, and more.

Any adult who wishes to start a career training.

For youth under 18:

  • Must be 16 years of age or older.
  • Must have an Indiana State ID.
  • Students under 18 must have parent signature and proof that student exited high school.

Steps to Starting your New Career

Step 2: Advising + Assessment Appointment/Learn How to Qualify for Free Training

An advisor at LARA will contact you to make an appointment for your initial skills assessment and to explain what services, resources, and support is offered for your career trainings. You will be guided through the policies, procedures, and expectations at LARA. Please plan at least 3 hours for this appointment. After this appointment, you will be enrolled for the Essentials for Employment and Training class.

Skills Assessment: TABE/Test for Adult Basic Education measures reading, language, and math skills, and a pre/post test is required by the state for all training courses.

Step 3: Accept the Conditions of a Training Course

Once you have met the qualifying steps for a specific training, you will review the start date and training calendar, and you will sign a contract to accept the conditions of the course.

Step 4: Course Completition

Upon completion of your career training course, you will be ready to take your certification test and pursue your career.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please click here for a comprehensive list of career bound programs.

We assist students to qualify for free Indiana State certification training in a number of jobs listed on our web page. To qualify for free training, you must have strong TABE scores in reading, language, and math.  You must register to become a student in an Indiana adult education site such as LARA and take the Pre-TABE assessment in reading, language, and math. 

You must then attend classes either in-person or on-line and complete a learning module titled Employment Essentials which will include a post-TABE test to measure your skills gain.  If you successfully complete these steps and you agree to the time required to complete the certification training, you will be granted free training which will include tuition, testing, and in some cases, additional fees for background checks, physicals, and uniforms.  In many cases this can save you hundreds of dollars in tuition fees. 

Some training courses will accept students while they are working on their HSE. You must become an HSE student first and request information on training you can begin while working on your HSE. Bio Tech is one such local company who will employ you and pay you to earn your HSE.

You can still qualify for free funding through an adult education site such as LARA. If you have an outstanding student debt such as at Ivy Tech, we encourage you to contact their financial aid office and ask for help to resolve the issue. Many of the certifications you earn through state training will be granted credit in Ivy Tech’s degree programs.

Training opportunities through LARA are designed for adult learners who do not have college degrees. If you have an associate degree and greater, Ivy Tech offers certificate training to meet your needs. If you need assistance with financial aid, ask Ivy Tech about their Workforce Initiative to assist with funding. They may have funds related to COVID relief.

Adult learners from other countries who are here on a work visa may qualify for training programs through LARA. You must become a student in the ELL classes to qualify. Language development is an important part of the career training programs.

Students with an F1 Visa are enrolled in another education institution and LARA can not provide free training in your case.

A background check is required for all individuals who will likely have direct, ongoing contact with children within the scope of the employees’ employment. Also companies who track deliveries under state guidelines will require background checks.

PARA’s If you have any questions regarding this, please contact the school corporation’s HR department at their main office.

CDA, check with local Daycare Institutions

CNA, check with local training providers (Lightstone, Inc.)

CDL (Work One)

If you have had offenses in the past, there are steps you can take to build a strong positive resume. Employment choices and community involvement are important factors. After 10 years, some offenses are excused. However, a consistent and positive employment record is essential to improve your future employment and career options.

Individuals who are in the United States under a Work Visa will be required to submit a background check from their country or countries where they have lived. This may take considerable time, so it is good to have this done early in the application process.

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